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A Juneau man has been accused of creature savagery for professedly harming his Beagle by the proceeded and inappropriate utilization of an electric stun neckline.

Robert R. Petersen, 54, argued not liable to the wrongdoing in Juneau District Court on Wednesday, and he is slated to go to trial in December.

Prosecutors say the canine, named Ares, supported different injuries on its neck from the RC-8 Radio Collar from ceaseless wear from Jan. 1, 2011, to July 19, 2012, as per charging archives.

A sworn statement documented by Assistant City Attorney Robyn Carlisle states the RC-8 Radio Collar is proposed to keep pooches in an outside space, shock collar reviews click here are used to dogs to stay however Petersen told an Animal Control officer that the electronic fence is set up inside his home to keep Ares out of specific zones.

Petersen denied any wrongdoing to Animal Control, as the testimony states Petersen said he didn't perceive any indications of blood or wounds on the canine.

That is conflicting to a report put together by the center executive for Gastineau Humane Society, Dr. Rachel Berngartt, who inspected the canine on July 21 and cleaned its injuries while it was calmed.

Her report demonstrated she watched two open "dynamic" injuries on its neck from the prongs of the stun neckline, and additionally no less than eight other particular injuries around its neck in different phases of recuperating, as per the affirmation.

The underside of the puppy's neck was shaved, however the hide had dried blood and liquid scabs inserted in it, said Animal Control Officer Ben Peyerk, who was available amid the exam, as per the affirmation.

Peyerk said the two open injuries were red and swollen, and the most exceedingly awful twisted was swollen roughly one and a half creeps around and about a large portion of an inch high, the sworn statement states.

A gap the extent of the stun neckline test in the inside was around .375 inches profound, the affirmation states.

The prongs of the dark and silver neckline were around a large portion of an inch long, the affirmation states.

Peyerk said he evacuated the stun neckline, which was in the "on" position, and discovered hair, dried body liquid, hair tangled with scabs, blood and puss within the neckline close to the tests, the affirmation states.

The tests that are metal were concealed with the work of dried body liquid and were generally dark hued rather than metal shaded," the oath says.

Berngartt said the canine was "more than once, intentionally harmed by proceeded with despicable utilization of the electronic stun neckline" over "some timeframe" in light of the phases of the injuries, the testimony states.

The Kennel Club's battle to boycott electric stun collars in the UK is back in the spotlight after more instances of remorselessness were revealed, featuring the requirement for government intercession in the deal and utilization of these hurtful, superfluous and conceivably hazardous gadgets.